My name is Stephen Wisler and I am the pastor here at Community Bible Church.  We are a safe friendly place to grow in Grace.  Our purpose is spiritual growth: Inward, Outward and Upward. 

 We don’t have many bells and whistles here but we take preaching the Bible seriously.  I preach through a book of the Bible line upon line and precept upon precept.

 Our music is congregational singing. We feel music is to be as much a part of the worship experience as the preaching. The words we sing are just as important as the words we speak.   We come together to participate in the service not just watch a few do all the work. 

 We are small and therefore we are able to get to know each other beyond just hello and good-bye. One way we do this is we have a “come one come all” dinner every week after our morning service.   (potluck)

 We seek to be a safe place where you can come just as you are.  Many times folks feel like they have to get their life straightened our before coming to church. We believe the church should be THE place where a person is free to get their life straightened out.  In other words this is a place where you are free to fail and be yourself.  

 We meet at 11:00 am so you can even sleep in and still make it to church.  Sunday School is at 9:45 am.


We have men’s Bible study and women’s Bible study also. Check out the calendar for details.

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